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Bio-organic Chemistry

Bio-organic Chemistry

Bio-organic Chemistry

Bio-organic Chemistry

It deals with two fields biochemistry and organic chemistry. The biochemistry part deals with living processes using the chemistry of molecules. This stream tends to increase organic structure, properties of molecules, and synthesis knowledge towards biological phenomena.


Dr. Margret was the first person who discovered the amino acid term when she was trying to decrease the size of data files. During 1950, highly sensitive methods are applied to determine the structure of molecules in a living system. Konrad and Feodor found the use of radioisotopes from where they got to know about cholesterol synthesis from acetic acid through the mevalonate pathway.

In the middle of the 19th century, many biochemists and geneticists established genes, nucleic acid, enzyme, and protein structure connection studies. Structure determination with new strategies, reaction mechanisms, confirmation and stereochemistry reaction, and its effects studies had been carried out as a part of bioorganic chemistry.


  • Biofertilizers are the nutrients which can be renewed.
  • Biofertilizers can decompose plant residual product and stabilize carbon and nitrogen ratio.
  • Synthesis of biopolymers, vitamins, and antibiotics which are biologically important.
  • Synthetic regulators of biological processes like drugs and pesticides.


  • Long -term storage of bioorganic components is difficult.
  • It must be used before the expiry date.
  • Need proper storage conditions.
  • Expensive
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